Jan 30, 2011

MY 23rd Bithday Wishlist-Please Join .R.

Hello beautiful people :)

I am turning 23 on Tuesday and this year I do not want any presents/ phone calls or all that fussing about. HOWEVER, you too could help me celebrate my birthday in a different way, WHEREVER you .R. or WHOEVER you .R. (please note u can do all 23 or none at all. at least try one sha! thenks ka!)

So here's the thing, every year I dedicate my year to a particular cause. Last year I shaved my head bald for cancer awareness. This year I am focussing more on creating a contagious,kinda like domino effect appreciation, and celebration of ZIMBABWEANS throughout the world. I believe that this year is the year we have more recognition for the positive attributes we have as Zimbabweans. I am not at all unaware of the situation in my country or the plight of my fellow brothers and sisters out in the diaspora. I am very much aware however, I chose not to be in harmony with the negative energies. SO NEHU *Moving right along* Below are 23 points or things that you guys can help me with in celebrating my birthday this year.  thenks ka!

  1. Yal know how much i love hugs. If you are not where you can give me a big ass 2handed hug or back hug please can you hug anyone else just as you would hug me. Channel that love to some1 else. you dont know how much better some1 might feel cause of that hug :) thenks ka.
  2. Please SMILE :) can you look at the pic attached to this note. thats me smiling at you :D so if its very hard for you please can you just have a mental picture of me smiling at you and pass on that energy to everyone you walk past even if its one person :) thenks ka!
  3. I am very passionate about people. The next points are going to be charity organisations I am affiliated to that I would like you guys to support in anyway you can. It can either be in cash/kind or as little as spreadin the link of the work they do. thenks ka!
  4. First organisation is Positive Youth Programs which I am a Young Ambassador for. It is a multi-cultural youth organisation that Inspires Youth like myself and you if u are one to EMPOWER those that are not as fortunate as we are. check out more about wot we do @ http://www.positiveyouth.org.uk/ thenks ka!  
  5. The 2nd Organisation is the Just Children Foundation which is working with children on the streets of Zimbabwe. some of you may remember me asking you to buy any child on the street that you see a meal. yes even one, a meal. They are not street kids, they are just children. to find out more about JCF's work and if you can help or volunteer in anyway please can you visit: http://www.justchildrenfoundation.org/ thenks ka!
  6. Another area that is close to me is the rape/sexual violation of girls, women, you know wot of anyone really. there are many cases of rape and sexual abuse throughout the world. its crazy but if you wanna help a child in need or just want to spread the word on how please visit the GIRL CHILD NETWORK  :http://girlchildnetworkworldwide.org/ may we all work towards empoering MORE WOMEN. thenks ka!
  7. Take a moment for YOURSELF. just sit bac, lie on your back or wotever. just lie there doin nothing. give your body, mind and soul time to relax.sheeeesh! i know too many of you are workaholics can you just calm down. FOR YOURSELF.if not 4u for mu birthday :) thenks ka!
  8. Seein as i dont have a proper number as I type. I do not mind if you do not call me to say or sing Happy Birthday. Instead, please could you call someone you haven't spoken to in a long time. maybe you drifted in friendship, you fought or wotever. Please can you just call then to check up on how they are doing. thenks ka!
  9. please can you youtube the song "Quando Das Um Pouco Mais" by Sara Tavares. this is my favourite song in the whole world. thenks ka!
  10. please can you also listen to "Balance" by Sara Tavares. I love beautiful music and i would like to share this with you in the next five points. Thenks ka!
  11. My current favourite album is "Afrika" by Kudzai Sevenzo, please can you go out to the store and by it. I am not sure if it is available on itunes but yal have to listen to "Child of Afrika" and "Kwandinobva"- feat Jonah Sithole. if you are from Africa/Zimbabwe this album will just make u glow like... the HECK. to have a listen and feel of wot i mean please check out: http://www.kudzaisevenzo.com/ thenks ka!
  12. Another album that is drivin me nunuz is Edith We Utonga's allbum Utonga. She is another insanely talented ZIMBABWEAN bassist. I love her song -Amai. Please can you check out her music and listen to that song @ :http://edithweutonga.com/ thenks ka!
  13. There isn't a lot of appreciation of house music in Zim. but can you guys please check out the quality of work by Bulawayo born DJ Luo. My favourite track from this lad is -"Her eyes go so deep" please can you check that mix out @ djluo.com thenks ka!
  14. I have never been one of those yo yo yo hip/hop fan but eee that was b4 i saw Tehn Diamond permorm this lad is one talented ZIMBABWEAN bitin the mic. have a listen to his music here: http://www.ilike.com/artist/TehN+Diamond thenks ka!
  15. I love walkin with people that inspire me. ndinofa kufamba newanhu wane bren. Now, can you please youtube: " FAMBA NEWE" by Andre feat G.O.R.E. these are 2 VERY TALENTED ZIMBABWEAN musicians. heres the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKVINZwGCxg&feature=related thenls ka!
  16. I cannot even begin to give out shout outs but please look out for Sugapott, Juan Take,Nadia Nakai, SynikZIM, Drissy Parker.Dj_Naida  infact can you just watch my updates n blog cause yal r really missin out kuno.thenks ka!
  17. Ok enough with the music. sheeeesh! now im gettin down to the serious issues. final stretch! woooooooooooo! this point is just to say WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (yes u can 2) thenks ka!
  18. If you are a DJ/music television presenter please can you make it a daily point to feed ur audience with positive messages that inspires folk to be the best they can be. if you do already.... thenks ka!
  19. If you are in a position of influence or power. could you please create platforms for other people to realise their dreams/ goals. im not saying donate R4902084 to charity or wotever but, if u can offer someone mentorship or help BUILD them in anyway. even if its ONE person on the 1of FEB please do it! you lose NOTHING! thenks ka!
  20. Please can you go to the mirror and tell the person staring back at you you love them. they just need to remember that. thenks ka!
  21. Please can you make the effort to talk to a workmate/collegue/person you wouldnt usually strike a convo with. You never know wot you might learn. thenks ka!
  22. May you be the change you wanna see in 2011. can you just get out of the comfort zone and surround yourself with positive people that help you grow. RYT LETS GO!!!! thenks ka!
  23. LAST but certainly not least, can u hug yourself or a comfortable big ass pillow. that is me. huggin you. a huuuuuuuuuuuuge two handed hug saying thank you for bein a part of my life and for celebrating my 23rd birthday with me. thenks ka!

ok for some reason i cant remove the 24. but thats jsut a bonus for me to Thank GOD for blessing me with another year of service. I love you. thenks ka!

Jan 5, 2011


My patriotism or obssession, (as some would like to call it)  towards/for my beautiful country ZIMBABWE.

Now, dont get me wrong I do acknowledge OUR country has experienced and still is experiencing some reaaaal bs moments but it remains my greatest source of inspiration.

I will not go into tooo much but here's a lil sumtin I wrote for my Zimbo Fam!


Z.I.M.B.A.B.W.E. By RuTendo DeNise (.R.)

Zimba REDU remambwe ratinoti ZIMBABWE...
Vana vake imbama... Tose tose tiri HAMA...
Ruvengo ne ruchiva zvinoputsa nyika...
Saka, iwewe neni ngativakei Nyika...
Tikatsveta ruvengo,hudzvinyiriri nezvimwe...
Haufungi kuti tose tinga komborerwa ne zvimwe...?
Kunamata istandard,kubatsirana IMPERATIVE...

United WE stand saka wangu SIMUKA..
Ndibatewo rukoko titambe seTumbuka...
Right now mashoko apera asi ngati vakanei ne wamwe...
its about me and you, and OUR love for ZIMBABWE....!


Nov 27, 2010



Diamond Boy-  .R.

I arrived at 7 Arts @ approximately 18.15 and had to power walk to the entrance thinking I was late. Walking up the stairs I couldn’t help but feel under dressed. But then again I was ROCKING that wanna be/aspiring bald journalist/photographer avec those big,nerdy glasses so YES I stood out from the crowd. 

Some of the ladies from audience- .R.

People went all out....ok well… some of them! 4rm Six inch stiletto heels, manicured nails, hair.dot com/red rose/mu lounge weaves and braids to the chilled basic tee and denims the turnout was pretty hectic. I mean hey, some people even had to sit on the stairs. Initially the premier was supposed to start at 18.00 (clears throat) but in true BMT (Black Man’s TIME)  fashion the show did not officially start till after about just over an hour. *smh*- inizvanguini (oh my garde).

So while we waited for the show to begin I met the legendary Mr. “Zvazviri”- Tich Mataz who not only was a member of the Lobola cast but also the Master of Ceremonies. I swear this man does not age. He looks just as good as he did during his reign on the Coca-Cola Music beat. So anyway, commenting on the premiere, the movie and the turnout, Mataz says- “[It’s good to see events like this coming up, its good for the industry and Zimbabwe].”- He was looking sharp too…. Eish… moving on…!

While mingling in the sorta kinda crowded lounge area I bumped into Tariro “Wildfire” Ruzvidzo, the founder of Wildfire events which hosts events around the country like the popular Acoustic nights. Ruzvidzo is also a member of the all female band Edith we Utonga which is billed to perform at the Mannenburg alongside Kessia this Saturday. Talking about the expectations for Lobola, Ruzvidzo “really hopes its good hey” that’s the exact same thing I was thinking! By then it was now approximately 18.45 #thinking KO haichitanga here nhingi yacho (wont the show start already?)  A few minuets later we are joined by songstress Cindy who has her new album – Groove Theory which she says  is already launched online. Eyeing the crowd to spot a random celeb and or someworth blogging about I met Carl Joshua Ncube- One of our upcoming Stand Up comedians. Ncube is also a media mogul, producing the ZIMA and NAMA awards shows. Ncube is also pioneer to animation in Zimbabwe with the animated series Nyaminyami under his belt. Ncube has a country tour of “ Carl Ncube’s BIG ANNOUNCEMENT” which  kicks of on the 10th of December at the 7 Arts ( Tickets available from 7Arts and the Book CafĂ© ). My conversation is cut short by the singing that’s happening in the theatre. Being the CEO of liking things I go to investigate. AH AH…. Zvaari Diana Samkange nhai! Takanga tingori twooooo chete mudiwa wauya kubva kure, baby twooo chete, Kure kwegava ndokusina mutsubvu! The crowd was singing along in discord, harmony, still waiting patiently for the show to start. Dza 7’oclock kaidzi.Mataz introduced fellow Urban Groover Leonard Mapfumo and the crowd went KUKUDENG to yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooo eeeeh Maidei… (myself included).

Other notable performances were from… WAIT, let me catch my breathe as I type this because I am still blown away by Tehn Diamond’s performance. For those of you that do not know who Tehn Diamond aka Tehn. Let me school you on the 411. Tehn is a Zimbabwean rapper who was based in Australia and also features in the Afriquan Times for his insanely hecticly tyt music. He opened his act with the song titled “Tonight” which got the ladies going… KUKUDENG… MYSELF  INCLUDED…. Tehn gave a hearty performance running up the theatre, to sing to the crowd. His loyal supporters were screaming their hearts out… another reason why my left ear is a bit “distant” in hearing… in zvanguini! So nehu, Tehn closed his act with the song “Grown up Kid” lyrically this dude is on point. His beats are on point and his performance…. Huh... Champion!

Rhythm Nation, a duo of some pretty talented ladies also graced the stage but unfortunately for them the sounds started acting up with the crowd hollering “ eh volume VOLUME! We can’t hear/ hapana zvatitri kumbonzwaisu” – Zim crowds, ini zvanguiini! As if that wasn’t enough the Big Brother All Stars made their grand entrance... FINISH..!the crowd went… KUKUDENG SCREAMING their favourite All Stars name kunge anga achazouya kuti hesi (like they were gonna come to their seat and say hey) PALOMA!! PALOMA!,MWISHO MWISHO!SHEILA SHEILA (mamuwona here Shiela?)  JEN JEN!! LERATO LERATO!

BBA All Star JeN - .R.

Two rows behind me I  heard-  “ Ko Munya wacho arikupiko” ( Ko where’s Munya?) UH OH…The Diamond Boy steps into the building with this blinged out suit wearing shades, flanked by his beautiful wife nemamamwe mamhtisa-so (bodyguards) MUNYA!!!MUNYA!!! MUNYA!!!! The crowd really went nuts. Mataz introduced the All Stars to the crowd and we were like yah… yakuchitanga manje (it’s starting now- SURELY) Nope… What was taking so long nhai? Nehu that’s coming up just now.

Switching it up from all the singing Mataz introduced the dance trio- HiGh DeFiNition. Vakomana Vanotamba ivavo please! – Those guys can dance the heck. (Still trying to load the video for you to see) Dressed in skinny jeans, high-tops, flat base caps, gloves and Ma breezy spec ayaya mahombe these lads killed it inco-oprating urban dance moves with some sungura chii chii. I LOVED IT. So did the crowd. Ah… tichiri takamira (while we were STILL waiting) Stunner STUNNED US… guys ka.He was looking on ubber fresh rockin a black leather jacket, black pants, scats, black shades, a young white tee  minimal bling regai azoti “TAZOiTA KESH”. His 5 star performance even got Paloma and Merlyn to get up and dance. That just drove the crowd into a frenzy * ini zvanguini* Munhu ane tarenda uyu- This guy has hectic talent. Regai azoti “ Ndini ndini ndini ndine styra… Dear Stunner- STYRA NDIWE for real!

19.45 FINALLY I think yakutanga ( I think its starting now ) Mataz, informs us that the reason why it took such a long time was because the Censorship Board still had to approve the movie. (On the night here?) Nehu, the movie was given the thumps up! BUT FIRST we had to acknowledge the dignitaries. We had the likes of Hon. Savior Kasukuwere- Min of Youth and Development, Amai Olivia Muchena, Baba na Mai CHIDZONGA , and the “Senior Super Star Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi accompanied by Drummer and friend Sam Mataure. JUST TO NAME A FEW. Asi also present were former 263 Actress Tino Katsande and fellow cast member Charity Chinduta Dhodhlo who also featured in Lobola. 

By now I had temporarily misplaced my phone so I have no idea what time it is but Cindy is called upon to sing the national anthem. When she sang I felt sooooooooooooooo proud to be Zimbabwean amana ( still struggling to load Video). And now,  The movie has begun…

What I can tell you is this, Lobola touches upon numerous themes: Bribery, Tradition, Love, Culture, the Diaspora issue in a humerous, typically Zimbo way. You can relate to the issues portrayed from so many different angels. However, I cant wait to watch the full movie, only then can I give you an objective review on it. But sorry if you read this far waiting for the 411 on the flick. Support it at the Cinemas yall! Sorry kani!Or you can also visit www.lobolathemovie.co.zw J

COMING SOON: PICS FROM  the BBA African Tour Party @ Q’bana in Msasa.                                 

mOre lOve..!
- .R.

Sep 15, 2010


It scares and angers every part of me when i read of  the rape and abuse statistics in the world. What pains me is the number of these crimes that remain unreported due to religious, culutral and any other beliefes that perpetuate the violation of another human being be it Mentally, physically, sexually, and so on.

To be violated in any way slices at a part of your soul and you're never fully whole ever again. Well thats the way I see it.. Its really messed up cause everybody has got so much baggage of  their own to deal with that... Its just hard.
I have to be out about this cause it may be the emancipaition of another victim or for someone to know that you know wot... I am not the only one. I cannot even say I was one but i was NEARLY violated. Sexually. and thank God i wasn't because its stuff like sexual and emotional violation that completely transforms one's personality almost instantaeneously.

I do not know how many of you know Betty Makoni? For those of you that don't, Betty is a Zimbabwean  gender activisnt who founded the Girl Child Network. She was also awareded CNN HERO OF THE YEAR AWARD in 2009. Orphaned as a child and sexually abused, Betty Makoni has dedicated her life to protect and re-empower girls who have been victimized through sexual abuse. She and her extremely dedicated team rescue young girls and women from arranged marriages as well as assisting in women and girls who are in dire need of medical,pcychological or academic assistance..
I am all for WOMEN...dont get that twisted but there also a great number of men that are also VIOLATED it is just not out in there open.
To take advantage of someone for your own gratification, or to inflict pain,hurt and humiliation to exert your power is SICKENING. Karma is real . #justsaying.
so nehu.. I do tend to get all #emo about issues like this and when I am #emo I write to here goes:

Violated-By RuTendo DeNise (.R.)
They touched you in a way mummy said was wrong...
You were to weak to fight, the pain you felt was jus too strong...
The anger in you boils deep down inside...
You've become so bitter at times you wish you had died...
Violated in a way no amount of money can pay away...
Im sorry if my poem gives you flashbacks of that shitty day...
I hope one day you will be able to speak up and face the pain...
And that the culprits get more than they deserve to never do it again...


Sep 9, 2010

Life in the Diaspora...!

There is nothing that breaks my heart than not being able to just hang with my family and in the SAME ROOM, SAME SPACE...geez but now, everybody is constantly on the hustle, trying to chase that paper. Maaaan I'm tryna trace back to life BEFORE the DIASPORA... I HATE THE DIASPORA... Its taken my friends, separated me from my family but... It hasnt been all bad tho... I mean hey I get label clothing sent, accesories and stuff... WOOOO... #Sarcasm... I dont give a damn about material things... I wanna create and recreate memories with those I grew up with.. Those I love. Heck I wanna go for long walks in Greendale ringin intercoms and galavanting around H-town acting toooo coool.flip its been so long.. #emo.

Ok NOSTALGIA creeping in...! But as we grow older, the responsibilities that come with that are just too insane.Well sometimes. I mean hey, #It is wot it is But now, there is this misconception that when our dearly beloved brothers and sisters seek greener pastures the land far away is filled with milk and honey. tsk. if only we knew half of the **** people go thru JUST to make ends meet.

We read and hear stories of drug overdoses, prostitution, credit card fraud, cougar and madhara (older men) relationship just to get it all together. It breaks my heart. Thinking if s*** didnt hit the fan and we were all HOME and you know it was all ok How beautiful would it be... *SIGHS*

So nehu... the following poem is a mixture of wot I've been thru,wot my mates have been thru and wot I think a number of people that have left home go thru wen s*** hits the fan...!

Life in the Diaspora by RuTendo DeNise (.R.)
I sit by the window cigarette in one hand...
Thinkin how am i gonna get by in this foreign land...
I crave maguru aibikwa ne my mother... 
Going for long walks playin Mbira with my Father.
I light up the cigarette and deeply inhale...
I've lost so much weight i look deathly and pale
Overwhelmed by nostalgia my eyes begin to rain...
I'm losin my mind i swear i'm going insane
As tears burn thru my cheeks... i'm convinced i won't last a week. 
I yearn for my mother... there's noone in this land that i can call brother
I'm an invasion to their nation... 
Victim to their barbaric segregation.... 
Oh how i wish Dai ndime wamwe....
Tiri tose mu ZIMBABWE

*gee now i feel so home sick* :'(

mOre lOve...!

Sep 5, 2010

Mental Mensturation...!

Menstruation is the shedding of the uterine lining . It occurs on a regulaR basis in reproductive-age females of certain mammal species. Mental Mensturation on the other hand is the Shedding of  BS that clouds, clogs and clutters the mind...!

Here we go:

Mental Mensturation by RuTendo DeNise (.R.)

The revolution of the mind blueprinted by my mental mensturation...
The shedding of oppressed blood thru dissection and conformist rejection...
The rapture of the egg called my mind no longer to conceive...
Eyes opened, mind at ease no more bullshit to believe...
Mental mensturation of revolution and observation...
Its... the clotting of injustice, the pain of those that were slain...Period pain can get insane...
Mental revolution blueprinted by mental mensturation...
Booom baaaam releasing my mind from societal misconception....
Mental Mensturation blueprint to  .R.'s EMANCIPATION...!


mOre lOve...!

Aug 30, 2010

The Brave Ones...

So...on the 6th of March 2010 I took part in the annual Shaveathon raising money and awareness for Cancer. This was one of my new years resolutions to take a gesture such as shaving my head completely bald for a worthy cause. full stop. now for a black babe i had pretty delicious hair even i can vouch for that but thats besides the point. My dramatic yet drastic action was met with mixed feelings/reactions. I got grief for cutting my hair (#thinking can yal calm the eff down it is my hair after all) Then there were those that were mad @ me and felt it was a mockery of those people that have lost loved ones to cancer and so on. I understood where all these people were coming from mais hey i still dont regret my decision. Its the weirdos that told me i was BRAVE that kinda got to me...! BRAVE? for wot? cutting my hair? uhmmm  thinkin at least mine grows back... wots so BRAVE about that...? A lot of people have been oh my goshin and im thinking really...?

What i have learnt from the experience is how "different" our value systems and perceptions of certain things,situations,people and so on are. As far as im concerned well, myself and India Arie I am so not my hair.. but nehu back to the essence of this post: THE BRAVE ONES.

In my opinion, The Brave Ones are those:
Who's story is often untold...
Those rejected and persecuted with no hand held out to hold...
The Brave Ones know and ackowledge that they're all they have...
In knowing this they sacrifice all they have...
The Brave Ones seldom speak but move the hearts of many...
I've been moved by some and not once had to pay a penny...
The Brave Ones are graceful and swan-like in their movements..
Their true beauty eminates thru societal and self inflicted berievement...
The Brave ones are wise and know when and how to speak...
They act accordingly even when they are mentally,spiritually and emotionally weak...
The Brave Ones are many, you encounter them every day of every week....
Everyone has a battle to fight so be careful  the words you speak.

ok i was not planning on goin all emo about the Brave Ones but hey #IT IS WOT IT IS...!

The Bravest People in my life and no, i am not goin to be stereotypical about this, and fyi my  choice of Brave Ones may even offend you but hey.. ma bad!---> IT IS WOT IT IS!

so Nehu  back to the Brave Ones in .R.'s eyes: (This also includes those that sacrifice their lives for a cause, thse activists,voices of the people kind but bra yal know that...!)

1. Those people who take care of  loved ones, strangers and anyone who has a terminal illness. Guys that is some hard ass stuff to deal with on so many levels I cannot even begin to describe!*yasis*

2. Wow, all of those people who are out in the open with their health or like AIDS status. yeah the stigma aint as bad as back then but still it takes maaaad guts to be out with that.
3. Talking about Openeess those people who are open about their sexual preferences. AHA, yal are the badmuuun Brave Ones and I do acknowledge that this is probably one of the most controversial topics worldwide but 4 someone to be like you know wot, eff it ,this is who i am takes elephant balls, razor wire pepperspray bravery dot com tips or  SUIN !

4. I think commercial sex wokers have some woah shabam slamming kinda bravery. I dont even need to explain why.

5.# ok now i have reached that stage where i have to scratch my head to think about wot i have to type next plus I have a global culture test to study for. hmmm speaking of Culture... ok thats for another post.

But yeah. thats my take on the Brave Ones. the REAL BRAVE ONES in this Dog eats Dog,Cow,zebra, turkey and wood world. yeah we that twisted: #sometimes :) 

till the next one...

mOre lOve...!